ZUI 2.5.435 - QPST only

Aug 15, 2016
New update to ZUI Version

You can download the same from the following forum


The link to the download file is : S.bs.zui.com/HiTO

Please note its a 7ZIP package and it has to be flashed via the QFIL method.

Changelog as per google translation :
System optimization standby power saving experience;
repair ring setting is abnormal;
repair micro letter no network connectivity issues;
repair micro-channel public number Playing voice broadcast disruptions;
repair micro-channel new version of red repeated pop-up problem;
repair Alipay arrival voice reminder incomplete Problem;
repair the occasional system restart problem. . . . Calls, text messages fix text messaging latency problem;
interface Caton repair problems even now receive third-party call. . . .
Security Center update traffic monitoring strategy. . . .
The gadget optimization notes Multi Image processing experience. . . .
The camera after open repair camera HDR effect is even now not respond to questions. . . .
U health restoration sporadic U-step health problems do not count.