ZUI 3.1.194 QPST / Qfil Rom


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Aug 28, 2016
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Update log 1 upgrade Aspect ZUI3.1, this is a version that keeps you waiting. This time, we cross 3.0, just put 3.1, just want to give you more: more attractive look ZUI, refreshing dynamic leap in the palm; richer negative screen, commute traffic, cell phone payment and other touch; More grounded the most beautiful calendar, to give you super practical function; Finding the phone finally came, the cloud location, remote lock more peace of mind; Security Center support search, management applications faster; Notes can cloud synchronization, recording no longer have inspiration Worry about; more U access health check-ups, allowing you to connect professional doctors at any time; there are more and more small and large repair and optimization ... ... I believe, we have been trying to give you the best ZUI . 2 Precautions Make sure the phone is not root, power and storage space sufficient. We recommend that you restart the system again after the upgrade is complete. If you have any problems during the upgrade process, please go to the official forums (bbs.zuk.cn) for support or ask us questions through "I want to feed back". During the upgrade process, the phone may heat up. For the first time after upgrade, there will be a short response time and power consumption increase. These are all normal conditions. Do not worry. Desktop and system interface, a new design style, so that your ZUI, such as the windmill smart; new one negative screen, key information and quick payment one screen mastery; new lock screen and desktop wallpaper synchronization push function; New system to find mobile phone features, go to Settings -> cloud services open; new QQ article reading and chat to switch back and forth; Security Center new list search capabilities, management applications more convenient and quick; The new ZYY calendar added yellow calendar, solar terms, rush tickets calendar; added from the contact into the birthday function; new credit card repayment reminder; new calendar backup and restore; optimize conference schedule management functions; Memo added memo cloud synchronization function; optimization memo editing function; U Health added spring rain doctor health advisory function
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