Zui 4.0.191 / 212 DEV UPDATED


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Sep 12, 2017
i had an issue with widgets. anyone ?

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Actually i dont have problem with widgets, i just drain like nothing else :D 30 percent over 8 hours of night. Actually this zui is more more bad after every update...

ps i go back to aex 6.0
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Jul 12, 2017
Hi Dolph,
since the 3.5.388 update some of us have an annoying bug where all the apps are killed at night time even if they are in all the "white lists" and power optimization is OFF. So at night no more messages from Whatsapp, reminders, alerts (like MyPillbox). It doesn't happen with the system apps.
In my opinion it is due to the "nighttime extreme power saving" ZUK introduced that is not well managed and overcome any other setup.
I'm not rooted and looked.
Do you have feedbacks on this issue with the latest firmware?
Thanks, ciao
I have DND mode enabled at night. But apps are still alive in the morning. I also get push messages from WhatsaApp. Experiencing some issues with push messages from Gmail and Threema but apps are not killed at night. Battery drains about 6-10 % at night with Spotify enabled for podcasts
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Jun 5, 2017
trying now. takes some time to set up google contacts sync.

feels more fluid and slightly more mature as a ZUI. however lots of cosmetic refinement missed (hence DEV)

no problem with widgets except if you install 3rd party launcher, stock apps widget not available.

it is possible KEEP widget is not available on ZUI, as it wasnt avail on MIUI as well.

can see some similarities in features on ZUI to MIUI

not much heat, things run pretty smooth. not sure about lag / hang will monitor along with battery drain.

is there any way to disable the navigation bar?
Jun 10, 2017
Rip english in this thread.

Actually Zui 4.0.191 still on android 8.0.
After some report battery seems to be better than 3.5.388.

Install guide:
I used twrp 3.2.1 chinese version.
Download the full zip
Clean system, dalvick, data, cache with twrp
Flash full zip with twrp

Link to download all dev rom.
Good luck and waiting for replys

Update #1:
Somebody tried to flash it via REDWOLF twrp its error 7
If somebody can, try stock locked bl and stock recovery flash.

Update #2:
If somebody can try it with twrp 3.2.x version

Update #3:
New link
New method

Update #4
Added new link with zui 4.0.212
Tried 4.0.191 with clean flash but Google Contacts sync doesn't work, same result following bruneba's tutorial