ZUK is back!


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Jan 20, 2017
The phone (if official and true) is freaking beautiful, but equally fragile... You'll need to use a strong case with this one, and we all know that Zuk/ Lenovo phones are not a hit in the cases department, but I'm really looking foward to that!

But, as always, this will be a extremelly big phone... I am more into small phones... So I'm looking for the official announcement of the iPhone SE 2 too. If the "X" screen on this one becomes real, I will change finally to iOS, since it will be the perfect phone for me, great screen, small package, excelent performance, BUT, theres iOS... So I'll have to see if it will be worth the OS change...

Btw, thanks for the image! I've saw some info about this phone online, but just teasers and small pics of some parts, not the full front :)
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Aug 22, 2017
Probably false but CEO hinted at 4To Memory (probably 4To SD support) and 45 days of "standby time" whatever it means, while apparently others OEM are struggling to meet 45hours.

Source: Chinese social media, weibo, articles from tech websites
PS: forgot the "18 patented technologies"