ZUK Z2 Pro - White - 128Gb/6Gb - EU Countries


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Jun 27, 2018
Hi guys,

I absolutely love ZUK Z2 Pro and it's been a pleasure to use it since June 2018.
However, I received a dual-sim company phone so I don't have the desire of keeping so many devices at home.
Hence, if someone is interested in my ZUK, we can agree on the conditions and I can send it to any EU country.

As for the price, I was aiming at 180€ + Shipping Costs (around 7€).

I am including a lot of stuff!

- Original Box
- Original Charger and Cable
- 4 Cases
- 2 Screen Protectors (a glass one is already applied)

The phone is in very condition as you can see in the photos. The bootloader is unlocked with the latest TWRP and I can flash any ROM you wish.

Cheers :)

IMG_20180906_171500.jpg IMG_20180906_171057.jpg IMG_20180906_171113.jpg IMG_20180906_171107.jpg
IMG_20180906_171103.jpg IMG_20180906_171128.jpg IMG_20180906_171132.jpg IMG_20180906_171015.jpg