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ROM ST 4.0.247 "Android System
Couldn't capture screenshot.
Taking screenshot isn't allowed by the app or your organization". Thanks Opera (works with Firefox)
Which ROM do you recommend previously flashed and bricked my device now running on Indian ROM and it won't recognize SIM and WiFi any ideas on how to solve it
hi, do you have still problem with sync data over lenovo cloud service? I wonder if there is any solution.
Can I use QPST 2.7.474 instead of QPST 2.7.434 for installing v1.9 ROM on Z2 Pro?
Answer: I go back to 2.7.434 and using W7 it worked ;)
.. I know the water could already damage parts of the motherboard and the circuits, but the display seems to work and if I could get to at least connect to my PC and copy some files I hadnt backed up, I would be glad. Is there a way to resurrect my ZUK? please PM me if you need more detail. Thank you
Hi MikeS, put your smartphone in a bag full of uncooked rice for a night and day: rice will absorb some of the water and it could help for next investigations. Regards
I got into the point with trying to resurrect my Z2 Pro that I write you here. In a nutshell, my Z2 pro fell into water, unpluged the battery, but bad vibrations and stuck on boot screen. Tried the QFIL method, found sahara error, got through and after Download it got completed, says successful, but still stuck on boot screen (black with ZUK and powered by android), it vibrates solftly and the screen turns of
I've seen the forum... In red !
Mark updated a bit and played around with colours. Now all should be back to normal
That's what I thought, it last a few hours then back to "classic" colours
Hallo und sorry dass ich störe.ich möchte was fragen..
momentan läuft meine zuk z2 pro unter AEX 5,4 ..nicht aber den letzte Version 20180417-0301..habe schon mal probiert aber es endet mit error bin ich in den forletzten version20180411-2241..geblieben.. Was kam ich machen ?helfen sie mir....Vielen Dank
You have to flash the zip file and change to twrp that is on this link:
After that you can install the rom.
Hi have you downgraded to indian 2.5? I did it and still waiting for something stable. 3.5 i still very very bad and the fact i cant do anything with google sync or apps make it pain in the ass.